Dog Adoption Application

If you rent or lease your home, please provide your landlord's contact information.

Invisible or electronic fences are not acceptable due to safety reasons. If you have an invisible fence, please re-apply once you have built a full, 5 foot fence.

Involvement with GDB

If children live with you or children visit your home regularly, please indicate how many are in each of the age groups below: 

Please tell us about any dogs currently living in your home at this time. 

Dog 2 Currently Living in Home

Dog 3 Currently Living in Home

Please tell us about any dogs you have had previously as an adult.  

Dog 2 previously had as an adult.  

Dog 3 previously had as an adult.  

Please specify if you want a dog for any specific purpose or specialized activity other than companionship, such as:

All questions in this section are required